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Day 1 – June 20
Ditungsten pentaboride is a highly effective shielding material for energetic neutrons, making it an attractive candidate for many nuclear reactor applications including the spherical tokamak fusion reactor. However, there is little processing or property data available for the compound. This work investigates the synthesis of W2B5 with a particular focus on the densification kinetics of commercial W2B5 powders via hot pressing. The effect of various sintering conditions, such as sintering time, sintering pressure and sintering atmosphere, amongst other, are reported. Thermophysical and chemical properties of the monolithic material are also reported, with a focus on the stoichiometry of the material, as well as a focus on properties related to thermal stress and thermal fatigue, which will allow the lifetime of these components to be better understood. Finally, a discussion on the development of cermet composites from W2B5 and how the addition of the metallic binder may aid both sintering and the relevant thermophysical properties.